2017 CMA

2017 Canadian Mineral Analysts Conference and Exhibition

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We appreciate the assistance of their hard work!

New Afton Mine (New Gold Inc.)
is the host of the 2017 Canadian Mineral Analysts Conference.

2017 CMA has help from local analysts from ALS Metallurgy and Highland Valley Copper (Teck) .

49th Annual Canadian Mineral Analysts Conference

The 2017 Canadian Mineral Analysts Conference and Exhibition is being hosted in Kamloops BC at the

Coast Kamloops Hotel & Conference Centre
1250 Rogers Way, Kamloops, BC V1S 1N5

Local Organizing Committee


New Afton Mine - New Gold Inc.

4050 West Trans Canada Highway

V2C 5N4

The CMA Executive is excited to have the 49th Conference and Exhibition in Kamloops this year!

Our local organizing Committee

New Afton Mine - New Gold Inc.

Sponsorship, Social, and Accomodations Lead

Chair: John Andrew                                 John.Andrew@newgold.com                  250 377 2885

Technical Program Lead

Co-Chair: Elizabeth Sirianni                  Elizabeth.Sirianni@newgold.com         250 377 2105

Banquet and Food Lead

Jerico Gaspar                                             Jerico.gaspar@newgold.com                  250 377 2106

ALS Metallurgical - Kamloops

Registration and Exhibition Leads

Brenda Tremblay                                     Brenda.Tremblay@alsglobal.com         250 828 6157

Simone Bawtree                                       Simone.Bawtree@alsglobal.com            250 828 6157

Teck Highland Valley Copper Partnership
Short Courses and Tours Lead
Mark Springford                                      Mark.Springford@teck.com                   250 523 2443

Program and Abstract Lead
Kerstin Johansson                                    Kerstin.Johansson@teck.com                250 523 2443

Technical Program Lead
Susie Kelly                                                 susief2003@yahoo.com           

Local Analysts
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