#1 - New Afton Mine Tour

This private tour will take you through almost all of the areas on site at this underground block cave copper/gold mine. 

A bus will pick you up at the Coast Kamloops Hotel and Convention Centre at 8am.

A bagged lunch will be provided.

Proper PPE will be provided and must be worn in order to participate. When registering, please ensure to provide sizing information so that New Afton will be able to arrange PPE that will fit appropriately.

Contact lenses will not be allowed on this tour so please arrange to wear your glasses if you require them.

As you can see by the map below, google thinks that New Afton is in Logan Lake when in fact it is only an 8 minute drive from the Conference Centre.

​​​​Kamloops Craft Brewery Tour - Sept 10th
Sept 10, 2017  - Sunday Evening (estimating 6-8pm with details to be confirmed)

Pricing will be confirmed soon and will include a flight or pint of beer at each location as well as transportation to and from the Conference Centre

To unofficially open the 49th CMA conference there will be an optional brewery tour of the two craft breweries in downtown Kamloops: Iron Road Brewingand The Noble Pig

Red Collar is named after their family pet; a black lab named Goosey who has always worn a red collar. They want to keep it fun and fresh while striving to produce the finest beer they can with wholesome ingredients. Red Collar was unavailable for a tour on Sunday night but may be available for a tour on the Thursday just after the tours are over. 

The Noble Pig Brewhouse combines house made craft brewed beer, and unique beer fusion scratch kitchen cuisine. Their goal is the marriage between beautiful food & unique beer.

Iron Road Brewing is what happens when two geologists (Richard Phillips & Jared Tarswell) with a passion for great beer get together and start a craft brewery. We've teamed up with award-winning brewer Aaron MacInnis to craft delicious, balanced beer that you're going to love.

Afternoon Social - Sept 13th

Wednesday September 13th immediately following the CMA business meeting

Approximately 2:30-5pm

We have planned an afternoon to experience storytelling and history of the local Secwepemc first nations people.

The bus will leave shortly after the CMA meeting for the Secwepemc Museum and Powwow grounds. There are plans for a guided tour and bannock during this excursion.

We hope to wrap up this afternoon tour by the evening so that everyone will be back in time to go out for dinner at any number of great dining out locations in Kamloops.

Workshops - Sept 11th

The CMA 2017 Workshops will take place on September 11, 2017. Arrive at 7:30am-12pm and 12:30pm-4:30pm

Breakfast will be provided for the morning session at 7:30am as well as a coffee and snack break.

Lunch will be provided for the afternoon session at ~12pm as well as a coffee and snack break.

Workshops – Monday September 11, 2017

Instructor: Wesley Johnson

Workshop #1: Traceability in Chemical Measurements - 8:00 am to 11:30 am

The workshop on Traceability will discuss the importance of and how to be able to compare results from different laboratories, analysts, methods and even times with confidence. We do this by using trusted standard reference materials and the international system of units (mass, time, length and so on).

Workshop #2: Method Validation - 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm

The Method Validation workshop will describe a means of developing a method with, or of proving that a method has a stipulated level of precision and accuracy. This allows the laboratory to establish and retain its reputation for reliability.

#2 - TRU / KCWQ / Domtar Tour

This year we decided to showcase a tour that would both be unique to Kamloops as well as present laboratories and analyses that you wouldn't normally be exposed to at the CMA.

We hope that the parallels and differences between the mineral analysis environment and the places on this tour spark your interest!

A bus will pick you up at the Coast Kamloops Hotel and Convention Centre at 8am.

A bagged lunch will be provided.

Proper PPE will be provided and must be worn in order to participate. When registering, please ensure to provide sizing information.

The map below gives an indication of the location of each stop on the tour.

Tours - Sept 14th

We had many exciting options for laboratory tours this year and had to decide on just a couple of tours.

There will be an all day tour at New Afton Mine which will include 1/2 a day tour of underground and 1/2 a day tour of the laboratory/mill/surface/tailings.

There will be a second all day analytical tour that will include DomtarKamloops water treatment plant and Thompson Rivers University.

We will be updating this page with details as they become available. Please check back or see the home page for contact details.

49th Annual Canadian Mineral Analysts Conference

2017 CMA

2017 Canadian Mineral Analysts Conference and Exhibition